Yani Asistio is the New Meg Ambassador!

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Yani Asistio is our new Meg Ambassador! A self-confessed sweet and innocent type, Yani has certainly grown into a confident and strong woman, and we’ve all seen it before our eyes. Join us as we reminisce about Yani’s Meg journey.


In the beginning of the season, Yani really identified with how she perceived herself: a sheltered good girl who hadn’t experienced much in the world. “It’s okay to be a good girl!” she shared in her introductory interview.


Episode 2 was Yani’s first win –she was the project manager of her group! In this episode, the ladies (Yani, Jaz, Kate, Tammy and Anj) had to create a 90-second live fantasy talk show. The team’s witty script, creativity and great rapport earned them the win. Yani’s great interpretation of Ariel helped seal the deal, and she was able to show her creative range as an actress.


Episode 4 was Yani’s second win, also as a project manager. This episode saw her, Ira and Kate as a group, creating a Meg magazine-worthy 4-page fashion editorial featuring Rags to Riches bags.  Rags to Riches founder, Reese Fernandez gave them the challenge. Their shoot tried to show the versatility of the bags, and demonstrate the fact that the bags could match almost any outfit. They styled the bags in varied ways: they tried casual, ladylike, and corporate looks. Yani’s group’s shoot was Reese’s favorite. The clean and simple layout served to highlight the products, and that was a big plus. Their efficiency at the shoot (even using a timer to ensure that they fit everything in!) and the witty title made them the team to watch.


Episode 5 was Yani’s third win. With Nicole as her project manager and Jaz, Kate and Ira as her teammates, they were ready to take on the Lay Bare challenge. This episode’s Meg project was to host an event for Lay Bare in Greenhills Shopping Center, with the aim of inviting as many clients as they could to try Lay Bare’s free eyebrow threading promotion. With their winning Tagalog jingle and excellent use of social media hashtags, Maxene announced that Team Nicole was the Meg Challenge winner since they had brought in the most clients.


Episode 8 was Yani’s fourth win. Jaz was her project manager and her team included Trisha and Ira. This episode’s Meg Project was for each team to create a T-shirt line for Meg, and to shoot a lookbook for the T-shirt line. The judges unanimously agreed that their collection looked very sophisticated. Judge Paul Herrera stressed that marketability was very important in this challenge, while judge Allison Harvard pointed out that Jaz’s group’s collection could be worn by both young and more mature ladies, while John said these ladies made clothes fit for everyone. Their sophisticated designs made them the clear winners of the challenge.


Though Yani did not win the challenge in Episode 9, her Meg mock cover was note-worthy. Yani’s KC Concepcion cover was a hit with all the judges: it was friendly and Yani made it her own while still channeling KC.


Episode 11 was especially note-worthy because of the announcement of the top 3. The Meg ladies collaborated on a song about their experiences on the show. Each girl had their tearful moments, and Yani revealed that the show inspired her to get fitter and be more comfortable with her body, as well as helping her gain more confidence in herself. We almost couldn’t stand the suspense when Maxene called Aen and Yani onstage: Maxene said that one of them had shown more leadership while the other lady still has to find herself. Aen went home and Yani went on to win the whole thing and become I am Meg Season 2’s Meg ambassador.

It’s been a great journey and it’s not over yet. With her new responsibilities as Meg ambassador, we are sure to see more of Yani in the spotlight and we can’t wait!


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