With her Head High

4:58 pm

Meg-Veet Girl Chelsea Robato struts through life with standout confidence

This bright, long-legged and chinky-eyed beauty might strike you as familiar. You’ve probably seen her on tons of magazines, a music video or the ABS-CBN reality show I Do. She has also graced fashion runways and trendy events around the metro. Model Chelsea Robato surely has that type of beauty that people won’t forget. But underneath the charming face is a stellar confidence that makes her even more memorable.

Chelsea describes confidence as being able to feel beautiful in one’s unique way. This makes one shine among other people and even alone. Carrying this brand of confidence whether she’s dolled up or dressed down, it’s clear how this Guam native shook the Philippine fashion and beauty scene. In fact, she was named the winning model in the first season of Mega Fashion Crew.

When it comes to role models, Chelsea puts her mom on the top of her list. The model admires how her mother is very confident in herself, knows what she wants, and has set up her own business. And following mommy’s footsteps, the 26-year-old is also bent on reaching her dreams. Aside from modeling, Chelsea holds a degree in Entrepreneurship and International Business—plus, runs Healthy Shots, the detox juice bar found in Mercato bazaars!

The future is looking bright for Chelsea Robato. And there are more things to learn about this beaming model. Get inspired by her tried and tested tips that will take you far in fashion, beauty and life in general.


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