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Chelsea Robato answers five interesting questions with confidence and ease

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People admire model Chelsea Robato for the way she carries herself. There’s something so magnetic about her megawatt smile and self-assured stance. See how that modelesque confidence shows in this quick Q&A.

#VeetAsks: What’s your funniest runway or photoshoot blooper? How did you handle the situation?
Chelsea: The funniest blooper would be in a fitting. It was my first time to faint, and it was fitting for a major designer! Luckily they caught me and I wasn’t out for long. The designer is amazing and really kind about it.

#VeetAsks: What’s your favorite part of your body?
Chelsea: My favorite part of my body is my smile. I love smiling for pictures, and I get a lot of commercial like jobs with smiling involved.

#VeetAsks: What’s your go-to mood-booster when you’re feeling down or tired?
Chelsea: My go-to mood -booster is ice cream. Cold deserts like frozen yogurt are some of my favorites!

#VeetAsks: What’s your proudest accomplishment?
Chelsea: My proudest accomplishment to date is creating a backpack brand, Explorers, and a blog with my boyfriend. Creating both the brand and blog added more to our relationship and is a very fulfilling way to express ourselves.

#VeetAsks: What are your main goals for 2016?
Chelsea: (1) Work on our blog & backpack brand; (2) More traveling this year; and (3) Self-improvement!


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