The Mountain Where Magic Comes Alive


The aptly named Tanawin Point gives us this view

MARCH 4,5 & 6 – A mountain in the heart of Mindoro comes alive for another year of spectacular sounds and sights in the 6th Malasimbo Music & Arts Festival. Over the course of three days, a diverse crowd hailing from all over the world had a chance to experience the #MalasimboMagic in a theater unlike any other.


The amphitheater is surrounded by trees, which colorfully light up at night


The crowd dances to the beat of Brigada

The wonder of Malasimbo is that it doesn’t need your typical big names or the usual conveniences of a concert to draw in its awesome crowd. These acts are not the ones on your favorite radio station’s countdowns, Mindoro isn’t an hour’s drive away from the metro, and the amphitheater demonstrates nature’s sensations on high gear (think insects, Philippine weather, and lots of walking!) Nonetheless, the people come in droves and tune in for the surprises Mt. Malasimbo has to offer.


Brigada bringing on the bass



The dazzling instrumentals and robust vocals of Brat Pack


Whether it’s Brigada’s percussive exhibition, Brat Pack’s dynamic rock and roll, or Triple Fret’s classical-contemporary showcase, our local acts can get even the fussiest of our friends on their feet and enjoying the beat.


In the Mangyan Village, newer artists such as Asch and No Rome took the stage. They showed us that OPM is not only alive, but continuously sprouting new talents that might one day sweep the world.


Rembayan ng Kulay by Marihohana

On the visual side of our local talent, we have master-workers of art such as Wawi Navarroza, Hiyas Bagabaldo and Marihohana with their literally larger-than-life pieces that deck the mountain in beauty and color.


Dandelions by Olivia d’Aboville

Malasimbo also exemplifies what we can achieve when ideas are brought in from all over the world – a natural result of having its founders come from different countries with their exceptional talents within various fields. Olivia d’Aboville returns to Malasimbo with her own masterpiece, the bright dandelions you have probably already seen on social media.


Preparing for another kick of paint

The workshops were also done by other members of the d’Aboville family. Maia d’Aboville and Henri Lamy whirled their way to the wild and striking artwork they created in the Capoeira Painting Session.


Jacob Collier and his iconic cow-print shirt


Miro Grgic, the festival director, rounds out the musical line-up with international acts that absolutely blew the minds of the vibrant crowd. The one-man-band and musical genius Jacob Collier brought us reimagined versions of classics by Stevie Wonder. Tom Thum and Gordon Hamilton’s eccentric compositions were bizarre but perfectly combined with the matchless skill of the Manila Symphony Orchestra. The Malasimbo Collective, Golden Sound, and more proved to us that improvisational and experimental tunes are forms of music that we all loved to hear.



The best part about the Malasimbo Music & Arts Festival is that it is only the first of two astonishing weekends that take place annually atop Mt. Malasimbo. So if you’ve missed this one, be sure to check out the Malasimbo Lights and Dance festival on March 24-26 and experience your own brand of #MalasimboMagic! Get your tickets now!



The festivals are a production of Volume Unit Entertainment, Inc. and the D’Aboville Foundation, supported by Ipanema and Rider; with the participation of Brew Kettle, H&M Loves Music, Coca-Cola; and the support of our official our official TV partners Solar Entertainment Corp., ETC, 2nd Avenue, Jack TV, Solar Sports, Basketball TV (BTV), and CT; official radio partner Wave 89.1; our official airline partner Air Juan; our official hotel partner Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila; and our official ticketing partner TicketWorld. Special thanks goes to Coleman, the Municipality of Puerto Galera and the Provincial Government of Oriental Mindoro, Z Hostel, and A-Space Philippines.

Words by Robby Fernandez
Photos by Ana Luciano


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