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Learn the tricks to legs worth flaunting—straight from a fashion model

Veet X Chelsea 1
Killer legs—they’re something every model has and almost every girl dreams of having. Thankfully, these aren’t just exclusive to the catwalk muses. Chelsea Robato enumerates the workout routines to shape up those legs and beauty essentials to keep them smooth:


Squats are a girl’s best friend, especially around your buttocks area. Of course it helps with your thighs because it won’t let it jiggle that much. It gives you really good core strength so you walk straighter, you walk properly.


1) Squats
I try to do at least 4 sets of 15 own body weights every other day, and 3 sets of 12 with weights every week. Squats are great for thighs and butt as well.
2) Lunges
I add 3 sets of lunges with weights every week. Lunges work out legs and core.
3) Side squats
Side squats are so good for the butt and thighs. I also add these for 4 sets of 12 every other day.


For skin, I believe you should always make sure it’s not dry. You should always be careful on your knees, because if your knees are dark, you don’t look as tall or as long.


1) Veet
For hair-free skin! It makes legs look longer and touchable, too.
2) Body scrub
Skin looks healthy and softer
3) Lotion
It’s always good to add lotion after waxing and exfoliating!

While beautiful legs don’t come easy (for some), all work pays off in the end. When you combine these routines with sheer discipline, you’re only steps away from getting the legs you dream of.


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