The Beauty Queen Regimen

2:31 pm

Pageants, photo shoots, TV appearances, star-studded events—these are just some of MJ’s commitments on a daily. Our Meg-Veet girl always makes sure that she looks her best. That’s why she follows a fine beauty regimen which, you too, can use every day!


  1. Do: Invest on body butter.

Why: It is the ultimate moisturizer for the skin.

  1. Don’t: shave to remove unwanted hair.

Why: Shaving leaves the skin rough, and stubbly and hair grows back in just days. Try using a hair removal cream for a flawless, hair-free skin that goes on for weeks.

  1. Do: rest your skin from makeup.

Why: Makeup can clog the pores. After a long day at work, removing your makeup is a nice thing to do to let your skin breathe.

  1. Do: Use the 3 S’s when taking a bath—Soap, Shower Gel and Scrub

Why: These three are my shower must-haves. I use them to maintain my youthful skin. Our skin often gets dry because of the weather. If you don’t take care of your skin, it shows.

  1. Do: Always wear your confidence.

Why: This is my top beauty secret! All the other beauty tricks won’t work if you don’t feel good about yourself. Love yourself—flaws and all. Trust me, it can go a long way!


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