The 8 Types of Lip Items You Need in Your Makeup Kit

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One of your 2016 resolutions is to save money but whenever you see makeup, especially a new lipstick shade, you’re ready to burn your cash without even thinking twice. We know the feeling. To save you some trouble, check your makeup kit and see if you have all these 8 items.

Trust us, 8 is all you need–because you can always mix and match and do a few lip hacks with these items.

Lip Balm
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Start your makeup routine with prepping your lips with a lip balm or petroleum jelly, so you have a smooth and plump canvas when it’s time to apply your lipstick. If you’ve got a bad case of lip chapping, go to your kitchen and get half a teaspoon of brown sugar and gently scrub it over your lips (on top of the layer of lip balm or vaseline). Best to keep this in your purse as well to keep your lips from chapping throughout the day.

Lip Liner

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Lining the lips is key to getting that lipstick in place as it prevents your lipstick from going beyond its destined lip space and smudging. You can use it to shape your lips (but don’t over-line too much, please.) It also helps your lipstick last longer and if you feel like it, it can function as your lipstick when applied all over the lips.

Lip Tint

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Did you know that lipstick stays longer if you apply a thin layer, like that of a lip stain, and spread it all over your lips? With that said, it’s a must to buy a lip stain, preferably in your favorite or everyday  color, so it lasts longer than your usual lipstick.

Nude Lipstick

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Aside from the classy touch a nude lipstick adds to your look, it’s also great to add to your other bright or dark colors to tone it down a bit, creating an entirely new color in your collection without buying anything!

Red Lipstick

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A red lipstick is a classic, whether it’s a true red, a bright red, or a deep red, it’s a must in your collection. Plus, it’s one of those shades that you just can’t duplicate.

Bright Lipstick

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There should be at least one bright, fun, and eye-catching shade in your makeup kit. Again, it’s just one of those colors you can’t duplicate. If mixed with your nude lipstick, you can create an entirely new color that’s more friendly for everyday use.

Dark Matte Lipstick

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Since every woman needs to have one dark lipstick for more serious events and “b****-don’t-touch-me” days–go for a matte liquid lipstick that’s created to last the whole day without budging. The formula is more drying than usual lipsticks so it’s best to add a layer of lip balm underneath to keep your lips moisturized.

Nude Lip Gloss

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Some say 2016 it’s the year of the glossy lip. Be ready for that transition if you’re not in the mood for a matte or sheer lipstick with a nude lipgloss. Layer it on top of any lipstick shade or apply to your bare lips.

Now that’s all set, go forth and give your lips some love!


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