Recovering From The Holiday Food Coma

5:08 pm

We’ve all been there– you got a bit of ham, several servings of pasta, a few potato salads, and indulged in kakanin for dessert. Next thing you know, you’re sitting in your lola’s couch unable to move because your belly is just too damn heavy. Yes, ’tis the season for food coma.

We’re sure you’ve encountered it multiple times this Holiday season so we have 3 simple tips for you so you can recover from you food coma once and for all!


Make Tea Your Best Friend

Green tea is the safest way to detox. Drink it on the daily so you can flush those toxins, carbs, and sweets out of your body.

Step Away From The Sweets

Now is not the time to eat more sweets. Those days are over. Eating more sweets makes you crave for more food, making you eat more food, and putting you in another food coma. You don’t want that to happen. We and Cara Delevigne are watching you!


Fiber Intake Is A Must

Eating and or drinking food rich in fiber will do wonders to your body. Since digesting it takes extra effort, you’re both burning calories and flushing out the bad stuff from your body all at once. Examples of food rich in fiber are fruits, veggies, and oatmeal.


Once you’re out of your food coma, do yourself a favor and start eating healthy again!


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