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We all know how Meg-Veet girl MJ Lastimosa can light up any room—or stage—she enters. But even when she’s not attending events or photo shoots, she still exudes stellar confidence that makes her beauty stand out. “There’s no switch off for confidence,” MJ explains “even if you’re not wearing any makeup, even if your hair is not done, even if you’re wearing the simplest clothes.” See what this radiant beauty does on her downtime.


  • Beauty Rest

I’m very busy with events, but whenever I have free time, I really try to just stay at home and rest my skin from makeup and the pollution outside. It’s best to give your skin a break to keep it smooth and beautiful!

  • Kitchen Magic

Sometimes I cook and I bake. I enjoy experimenting in the kitchen and sharing my creations with friends. I love cookies, but I like it homemade, because I pretty much know what’s in it. So I think it lessens my guilt. Haha!

  • On the Watch

I love watching series—whatever genre. I also love watching Audrey Hepburn movies. Just looking at her with how she’s confident and comfortable with who she is, even if her era was more about curvy women. She loved herself and I think that’s one of the reasons why we love her.

  • The Catch Up

I would update with my friends and what’s going on with their lives. You know when you’re really striving hard with your life, you sometimes forget about your friends and your loved ones. It’s really important to have time with them. They keep us sane amidst our crazy schedules.

  • Around the World

I love traveling. Since I was a candidate, I’ve been telling judges that I’m a traveler. After hopping to different places for the pageants, I’m still hoping to see the beauty of the world more. I really want to explore Europe on their old train, just like a backpacker traveler. I can be as adventurous as trying skydiving.


Whether chilling out at home, catching up with friends, or exploring the world, MJ Lastimosa carries a beautiful kind of confidence that lets her shine through.


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