Meg Ambassador Yani Asistio is July’s Editor of the Month!

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Yani Asistio has certainly come into her own – from the shy, “good girl” we saw at the beginning of I am MEG Season 2, to the blooming, confident woman in the season finale. That’s what leveling up is all about – it’s not about changing who you are, it’s about becoming a brighter, better you!

We think Yani definitely achieved that – she’s come out of her shell and taken her place as one of the brightest young stars in the metro. In her cover story for the February issue of Meg magazine, she shares that, “I’m no talker, but ever since the show, I learned that I had a voice.” We think that’s a statement that a lot of girls can relate to – after all, you need to be assertive to get what you want and to achieve success. Assertiveness doesn’t mean that you’re mayabang or pushy; it just means that you’re confident and know that you can go for your goals.

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Yani’s story is one we can all relate to – she’s had issues with her self-confidence and her weight before, and she had trouble seeing for herself how beautiful she really was. Now that she’s more than ready to look in the mirror and see a butterfly rather than a caterpillar, she’s helping us see past our own insecurities. “I want[ed] to win for the girl who saw herself as her biggest bully, for the girl who did not see her worth,” she told us in her Meg cover story, and we think she succeeded.

What’s Yani learned through her Meg journey, and how has life been for her since her big win? We’ll find out soon as Yani shares her thoughts, her interests and her story this month as’s Editor of the Month!


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