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The Vamps is just one of the many artists that got discovered in Youtube. Before their concert last week with Before You Exit, William Singe, and The Tide we had the chance to interview them. Instead of asking the usual, we focused on their craft, their climb to fame, and debunking the Boy band curse.


So here’s what Brad, James, Connor, and Tristan had to say.


Q: What are the ups and downs of gaining fame at such a young age?

The Vamps: So yeah, the benefits is that we get to travel the world and see all these fans that enabled us to take what we thought as hobbies that was purely done for enjoyment, and turned it into like a career that enabled us to travel the world. So with the down sides, we can’t see our families as much as we like, and our home as much as we like. But it is not really much to grumble about because we’re getting to play the music we love to people who wanna hear it. And we get to travel the world with my best friends. So it’s all good.

Q: What do you miss about life back when you were still budding artists?

TV: I guess everything was still so new. I mean it’s still great to do things that we do now but I remember our “firsts” vividly. Like, the first time that we were recognized, the first time that we were on TV, and our first time on the radio. And now we were very lucky with this success that we can relive those moments a lot.

Q: What would be your dream collaboration?

TV: We’d love to do something with a DJ like Calvin Harris or Ed Sheeran as well.


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Q: Do you think of trying out new genres?

TV: We experiment more on a synth kind of influence and then also there’s a song in the album called “Volcanoes”. It’s a bit more urban and we would be open with different music in the band–music with a lot of different influences.

Q: Which artists do you look up to when you’re writing songs or who are your inspirations?

TV: Bruno Mars, One Direction, Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran, and lots of DJs as well as all the music that gets into the charts.

Q: How do you write your songs? What’s your creative process?

TV: It’s different every time. I think the process has changed over the past three years purely because we’re on the road so much and we kind of have to adapt to the situation. Thankfully, that’s beneficial for us because it gives us a lot of inspiration.

Q: We’ve seen a lot of boy groups disband and lose its members; do you think “The Vamps” will outlast this curse?

TV: We put ourselves together and we write music which we think that sets us aside from other bands that prospered together in the TV shows. We enjoy it and we hope that it lasts longer than some other bands.


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