Insta-Beauty: The Best Instagram Beauty Inspiration

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We all scroll through Instagram for the pretty pictures – whether it’s a true-blue #nofilter post is another story. The constants on our double-tapping sprees? Beauty posts. There’s something about a perfectly executed cat-eye or matte lip or fishtail braid that lights up our little hearts.

Add more beauty to your feed with our hand-picked list of our favorite beauty inspirations! Of course, there are so many to choose from, but we think that these IG-ers have got the perfect picture down pat – their accounts are chock-full of beauty inspiration, most of which you can actually do. As for the others – well, a little hair envy is worth it to get a glimpse of the hottest beauty trends, right? Get inspired to shake up your beauty routine with these Instagram wunderkinds – you won’t regret following them.


Michelle Phan: @michellefawn

Michelle Phan is basically the modern beauty guru: her celebrity is due to her amazing beauty tutorials on Youtube, her more than a million Instagram followers – she even has her own beauty line! This makeup artist and entrepreneur’s Instagram account is filled with new looks from her tutorials, pastel-hued travel pics and cute as a button drawings.


Hannah Concannon: @dressupbox

What Hannah Concannon does seems less like makeup and more like works of art to us! She’s a freelance makeup artist who paints her face for her posts – the results are sometimes adorable, sometimes fierce, sometimes scary, but always amazing. We think some of her looks would be great inspiration for our next costume or Halloween party.


The Beauty Department: @thebeautydept

The Beauty Department promises to be “Your Daily Dose of Pretty,” and we think they’re making good on that claim. Their easy to follow tutorials provide more than inspiration – they’re also the gateways to you being able to try on your new favorite makeup looks and hairstyles! Their photos are always light, bright and beautiful – they’ll light up your feed.


Fleury Rose: @fleuryrosenails

This ain’t your regular manicurista – Fleury Rose is a nail art virtuoso from NYC whose nail artistry is beloved by celebrities and magazines alike. Her pop-culture bend mixes seamlessly with high-fashion – she’s just as likely to do a cute dog mani as a Céline editorial-inspired one. Not all her designs are super intricate though – there are a few you can do yourself!


Dana Bomar: @danabomar

Dana Bomar has perfected the winged cat-eye and full lip selfie – but what we’re obsessed about is her lipstick collection. As the founder of lipstick brand Melt Cosmetics, known for its offbeat shades, she’s always ready to show fans what the new lipstick looks like. We’re envying this navy and one other grey shade – yum.


Aura: @auracolorist

Aura, the rockstar haircolorist of Sally Hershberger Salon, is basically the coolest. Remember the splashlights trend we wrote about a while back? Yeah, she started that. At the forefront of any and all hair color trends, Aura’s specialty seems to be blondes – her photos are great for perfect blondespiration and for just wanting to try every look she comes up with.


Into The Gloss: @intothegloss

Into The Gloss is basically one of the best beauty sites on the web, and who could expect less from their Instagram account? It’s full of inspiration, less so on DIY or tutorials – but when everything looks this pretty, who’s complaining? Click in for some serious envy – enough to inspire you to create some serious beauty?


Eva Chen: @evachen212

As the Editor-in-Chief of Lucky magazine, Eva Chen knows her beauty. Her IG account is full of life inspiration, with a healthy dash of the latest products, to-die-for shoes and bags, and yummy food.


Bleach Salon: @bleachlondon

Bleach’s too-cool-for-school hair jobs will make you want to book an appointment immediately – too bad they might be a little bit out of our price range, being in London and all. They’re fond of pastels and brights, but don’t worry – a healthy dose of natural looking brunettes (and not so natural blondes) are there for hairspiration.


Lisa Eldridge: @lisaeldridgemakeup

Lisa Eldridge, makeup artist to the stars, creates lovely lovely looks for celebs and campaigns. We’re obsessed with her backstage photos! And she works with Alexa Chung often – what more do you need to know?


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