In Her Closet

4:53 pm

Chelsea Robato takes us inside her closet to show her key wardrobe pieces and go-to styles. The model also dishes out fashion advice—When is it okay to show some skin?

Post 2A_MG_6654Bipolar—this is how Chelsea Robato laughingly describes her style. “My go-to styles are either really girly with skirts and heels or baggy with boyfriend jeans,” she shares. “It just depends on where I’m going that day and my mood.” Take a peek inside the model’s wardrobe and check out her key pieces:

Comfy boyfriend jeans are my go to, especially when it’s going to be a long day. Skinny jeans are amazing for formals or casuals. They can work with anything!

Plain tank tops
Blank tank tops are a wardrobe staple. They literally go with anything!

Post 2B_MG_6624One branded piece:
A Hermès belt, one of my best investments, can make a casual outfit classy and matches any top or jean color. I choose [classic and luxury] items in which the logo are not all over the item.

I love shoes. You can make or ruin an outfit with bad shoes. I love heels, but I reserve my heels for special occasions so they still look nice.

It’s very important to have a nice shoe closet, because no matter what people say, they will always judge you on your shoes first.

Playing with pieces like tank tops to skirts, it’s not unusual for the model to show some of her radiant skin, be it for work or play. “I don’t believe that you should always cover yourself up fully, because it’s just too hot in this country. [Show skin] at least a little bit, so you can feel pretty about yourself,” she says. “Be happy about your skin. Thanks to Veet you can show off your legs, show off your arms!”

Want to wear something a little bit revealing? The model shares this fail-proof tip: “If you show a bit on top, cover the bottom and vice versa. Don’t show everything!”


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