#IAmCarefree: Tips and Tricks to Balance A Busy Schedule

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openerOur schedules are getting busier and busier these days—there’s school, work, pursuing our passions and making time for friends and loved ones—it’s important that we also make time to care for ourselves. Staying fresh and clean is the first step to achieving a balance between everything we want to do and what we need, so we can be ready for whatever comes our way.

To help you, we’ve asked girl achievers how they balance their busy schedule. Keep scrolling for pro-tips and life hacks. Plus, join an exclusive giveaway from Carefree! Details are below.

Debbie Fermin


“Being a Medical Junior Intern has a lot of responsibilities. Aside from working in the hospital, I am also a student who has exams and deadlines. I manage my busy schedule by making a to-do list on my iPhone’s Reminders app to keep me on track. The key is time management!”



Shebby Liquete


“I manage my busy schedule by prioritizing the important task of the day first, I always have my journal when I travel and I also track my time on my daily tasks. That way I can be more productive. I save time for work, family, friends and even for myself.



Aaliyah Benisano


“I manage my busy schedule by simply organizing and planning my day/week ahead of time. Before I start my day I plan my whereabouts what I’ll be doing first and whats next and last. I allot time for every single thing I do. Its called ‘time management.'”



Akiko Abad


“I try to manage my busy schedule by organizing everything that I do. I make it a point that I put my errands to do in my calendar and I monitor my allowable cuts in my classes. I try to balance everything which is school, work, exercise and other extra curricular activities. And during Sunday, I usually just stay at home and pamper myself.


Other influencers who keep themselves clean and fresh so they can stay on top of their busy schedules:

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72 Responses to "#IAmCarefree: Tips and Tricks to Balance A Busy Schedule"
  1. I maintain to be fresh and clean despite the busy schedule by jotting down every single thing that I need to do in my Starbucks Planner! With our iPhone’s Notes application and our Laptop’s sticky notes, I choose to stay organized by using an old school planner – it never gets old for me!

  2. Anyone can be really busy given the fact that everything’s fast paced nowadays. To keep myself clean and fresh down there, I daily bring and use my trusty pantyliners (Carefree). It’s such a hassle when you realize in between work that it’s your first day of your bloody week. Relate? But since I equipped myself with Carefree, I didn’t worry at all and thanked myself for trusting a good pantyliner brand. ??

  3. Jo Anne says:

    Acads, org work, and my part-time job keep me occupied all the time but I don’t forget to keep myself fresh down there thanks to my frequent use of Carefree pads during my monthly cycle. No more worries about bad odor during those days! I also don’t forget to change my underwear every night before I go to bed!

  4. Grace says:

    I keep myself feeling fresh by making sure that my undergarments are super-duper clean. I wash my undies myself to ensure that anything unpleasant is gone for good. Then when I am in the shower, I make sure, I use a feminine wash to make me clean and comfortable. And when that “time of the month” comes, I rely on Carefree sanitary napkins to keep me protected and dry all day and all night. ?

  5. Rina Macion says:

    I manage my busy schedule by planning my day ahead of time. Everyday I have very busy schedule because of my school and online business like meet-ups so to my other errands to do I put in my calendar and I try to balance which my school and my business. During weekends I go to mall with friends or just stay at home.

  6. As a fashion blogger, stylist and businesswoman, there are so many things that can catch me off guard. Whether it’s a sudden change in schedule, a stressful client or those “heavy” days, I make it a point to dress well. For me, power dressing is an essential tool to boost my confidence and create good vibes all day. I keep myself clean and fresh down there by wearing light clothing. I particularly love chiffon. For those days that I need extra support, I have Carefree handy 🙂 #IamCarefree

  7. Life just gives us endless possibilities & opportunities, but in the end, it’s all about knowing one’s priorities.
    Oh yes, I’m a dreamer and an achiever so time management & multi-tasking skills are very important to me. I practice what I’m not confident at and spend most time on improving my weaknesses, without forgetting to emphasize my strengths too. In times of stress, it’s normal to sweat, smell or feel like a skunk. But thanks to Carefree, I feel more relaxed & rejuvenated down under. It’s confidence at its peak. And let’s remember that in times when we really have no idea what we’re doing, let’s just flash that smile of ours. Yes, this works. Trust me. ‘Cause with Carefree, I can always say hello to happiness and goodbye to stress and a whole lot of mess! #IamCarefree!

  8. Sarah Bianca says:

    These three words should be the mantra of one busy girl. It is very important for me to plan ahead, manage my schedule, and most especially, “breathe” despite all the stresses coming my way. An inspirational book, coffee with friends, or dinner with family are simple things that I always look forward to after a hard day’s work. ?

  9. Being fresh and clean is a must for you to be able to do your activities with your best shot. I manage my work, onlineshops and condo rentals just good enough thru writing down my “to-do’s” in my calendar. Whenever I have my free time, I always give time to check my priorities in my planner so I won’t forget one.

  10. Patricia Doreen C. Celso says:

    College life makes me juggle my studies, extra-curricular activities, scheduled dates with my family and friends, and not to mention, I am in an unfathomable and abysmal situation when I am dealing with the unintended side effects of feminism; the white discharges and the so-called monthlies. However, the ordeal may be intricate and burdensome in most of the times, but with the help of my feminine hygiene, I can keep myself secured and unanxious with my poise. My mom would never fail to advise me to be keen and sensitive with my bearings down there since precarious moments are unpredictable which may give me an uncomfortable feeling. On account to this, she tipped me to always use carefree pantiliners regularly. And Indeed, it always helped me to be ensured with confidence and grace when all things are hectic and frenetic all at the same time.

  11. Busy schedules can really get the best of you, but I keep myself feeling fresh and clean by regularly using products that helps cleanse and removes odor from areas that are prone to bacteria build up such as Carefree products! 🙂

  12. Laine Kongsun Ching says:

    I start my day by having a daily routine that keeps me feeling fresh and energized before I start my day. Juggling between my doctor life and my actual life is pretty hard… especially if you wake up pretty much before the roosters, and fall asleep when the moon sets. So a daily routine is important be it a nice fresh bath, drinking tea/coffee, having a healthy breakfast, or making sure you look as good as you want your day to be.

  13. Hannah says:

    Being fresh and clean on top of a busy schedule has been a breeze for many years!

    For a healthy lifestyle amidst demanding roles and responsibilities in family, friends, and career, taking care of myself is most important thing.

    Clean clothes and neccesities must be kept at hand. All ladies’ items such as napkins for heavy monthly periods and panty liners for other days help me stay fresh. I can easily change any time I have to, no matter where I am.

    Because of that, I am proud to say I am always fresh, clean, and #IamCarefree!

  14. Mica de Leon says:

    Work, projects for classes, my blog, and a start up business… Everything’s jumbled altogether. But I continue to keep doing what I can and try my best to follow the schedule I’ve set. Also, I try to ask help from other from time to time to lessen the load and be able to work on other things.

  15. For me as a blogger/ Model and Student i always assure that my all garments are clean and if my period come i always assure that i uae carefee and to wash always my Undies

  16. Alex Isaguirre says:

    As a woman who juggles everything at work, i manage to stay fresh and clean by always being prepared and ready for anything. Extra clean clothes, Toiletries, lady essentials, water and etc all at my car trunk. #iamcarefree because I’m always ready!! Ending my day more vibrant and beautiful. 🙂

  17. Krissa Manuel says:

    It’s insane how everything is fast-paced nowadays. Especially in the Advertising world, everything must be done accordingly, every month is a battlefield for we have strict deadlines to meet. But no matter how busy and exhausting it gets everyday, I always make sure that I alot the weekends for my personal life. Work-life balance is too precious for me and I have no intent of wasting it. Every Sunday I make it a habit that I pamper myself or even a long sweet rest will do. It’s great to be able to do what I love in my career and even better, when I know that I compensate myself from all the stress and hardwork I put into it. And part of my beauty regime as a woman is keeping myself clean down there by using Carefree pantyliners, a brand I’ve always been loyal to. Keeping it fresh and clean is always the key on being radiant inside and out.

  18. Drian Chua says:

    Nowadays, women are just busy as a bee. We are always on the go, we can somehow be the man on our own. And to keep me feeling fresh and clean I choose products that would keep me protected not just physically but most importantly what’s inside of me. And even before my day starts I make sure I have carefree inside so I can be carefree on the outside.

  19. marjorie ann mangiral says:

    Being a girl is not easy, you have to maintain your cleanliness at all times. But there are just these days that we are so busy and yet we need to maintain the freshness down there. Good thing I always use Carefree panty liners everyday. It helps absorb wetness and it avoids bad odor. When I have my period I use Carefree napkins. I like it compare to other brands because it doesn’t leak. Plus, it doesn’t feel sticky. I also like the fact that it doesn’t burn my sensitive part. Unlike others, carefree products make us ladies comfortable even when have our period. It is also good for everyday use sinve it is lightweight.

  20. arra villafania says:

    Being a upcoming 4th year college thesis and research papers will be on of the things that we shall pass as a requirement so that we can graduate. We would be busy as a bee, but I can be fresh and clean free by having my personal necessities with me. With that I am ready and care free!

  21. Molly Monasterio says:

    Nowadays, people tend to forget themselves because of tight busy schedules at work. So to keep track of everything, I make sure I have my planner with me so I wouldn’t forget important things especially keeping fresh and clean. I would list notes on what to bring like toiletries,etc so anywhere I go I maintain proper personal hygiene. I would also make sure my garments including undies are sparkly clean. It is better to be ready every single day! 🙂

  22. Stefanie beltran says:

    As a student, Im trying to be fresh down there by using my trusted napkin(carefree) to do everything and finish it all on time and not to affect my busy everyday routine to school and at home. And also, im trying to do a to do list night before so I could finish everything.

  23. Irish Lara Batula says:

    Juggling work, online business, family time and social life is hard. I barely have extra time but despite the hectic schedule, i believe that hygiene should never be compromised, especially for us girls. Thankful that i have Carefree with me to keep myself fresh and clean everyday, most especially during my monthly period. With carefree i wouldn’t need to worry because I am smell-free #IamCarefree.

  24. Irene Fe Saren says:

    As a student, Aside in school which always makes me haggard and super busy, Hygiene should be Prioritized too! And I, myself always think to have a planner always so that I will not be able to forget all the responsibilities which includes all the duties that i have to do including my personal daily routine. And I am happy that there’s this CAREFREE that can help me lessen my hygiene problems.I am using carefree sanitary napkins during my red days and Carefree panty liners everyday so that I can maintain the freshness and cleanliness of my genitalia. With carefree, i have no worries because this is truely proven and tested that carefree is the girl’s bestfriend.

  25. Arci says:

    Since I’m a working mom, It’s really hard to manage your schedule at first. But if you plan your schedule ahead of time, you set your priorities, you know your goals, you can manage stress and you can manage your time you will be able to balance your busy schedule. I manage my busy schdule by doing that and I always make sure to spend quality time with my family. Also, don’t forget to be happy and always look for the brighter side of things! #IAmCarefree

  26. Art is my passion. It is the lifeline I wish to pursue. But getting there is not an easy task. It relies heavily on your artistic taste which comes more natural than on your skill which always needs fine-tuning and lots of practice. It’s the same when it comes to keeping it clean ‘down there,’ it often comes naturally. So before the day even begins and my mind starts getting creative I strive to achieve the clean and fresh feel by gently washing off dirt from my lady parts before padding it up with Carefree products. This way my mind can now focus on being artistic while staying clean and fresh. It’s only natural. #IamCarefree

  27. Roanne says:

    Juggling my schedule as a national athlete and employee is not easy. I have to maintain being fresh during training and work. In order for me to do that despite of my busy yet physically active schedule, I make sure that the important things are with me like planner and pen, cellphone, wallet, powder, perfume, and of course I never fail to bring a pantyliner with me to help me look fresh and be more confident wherever I go. #IamCarefree

  28. Czarinna Casimina says:

    As a Nutritionist Dietitian, despite the hustle and bustle I am in, staying clean and fresh the whole day is a must for me. That is why, I start the day eating clean and nutritious foods that gives me enough energy for the day. However, to keep up with the busy day ahead of me i make sure that I feel comfortable and clean down there by using carefree pads on a daily basis so it can somehow lessen my insecurity inside and out and to avoid that unexpected red spots that visits unexpectedly. Ofcourse, to avoid stress and wasted time I plan the day ahead by simply inputting the things I should accomplish on that day on my handphone’s notes. Truly, with carefree I found a bestfriend ! ?

  29. Jhake O. says:

    I keep myself feeling clean and fresh down there despite my busy schedule by starting my day with a refreshing and energizing bath. I make sure i use a feminine wash that is gentle enough for regular use yet protects me from irritations and odor. I also use my trusty breathable pantyliners and keep a few pieces in my bag so i can change my liners during the day. I use cotton underwears and i wear comfortable clothes. Being a mom to a hyperactive child, doing chores and errands can be so tiring and can make me prone to sweat and foul odors. Good thing i can always rely on Carefree products to help me feel fresh and clean down there and when i feel clean, i feel beautiful so that’s a bonus!

  30. Mary Joyce Vallejos Salvador says:

    Being a pre-med student, my schedule is so jam-packed. I sometimes have to face the consequences of not having the time to pamper myself. But despite of all the hectic things that is going on in my life right now, i make sure to make it a daily habit of keeping the area “down there” clean and fresh. Everyday i use feminine wash to remove all the nasty-eeky bacteria in there. As a pre-med student we are taught to maintain our body clean because once you neglect your own body soon enough bacterias will invade and infections will then occur, we certainly don’t want that to happen, as we grow old we must be as healthy as possible. Aside from that, being clean “down there” will help boost our confidence not only as a human but as a woman who could freely do anything. Thank God also that napkin and pantyliners are invented, I don’t have to worry about nasty odors or any bloody leakage on my all-white uniform anymore. Hooray! I could shout to the world and confidently say that I am CAREFREE! Being a carefree person makes you deal with a lot of things easier, therefore you could properly initiate task and do all the things you wanted to do without stressing out yourself too much. We should bear in mind that keeping our body clean should be our number one priority! No matter how piled up your works are, having a clean body should be at the top of the pyramid. Time management should be your bestfriend, also make sure to plan ahead by making a list of what to-do in order to avoid confusion and to save up time. Last but not the least is, relax… Being relaxed is very important because whenever you stressed-out you tend to do things the wrong way. Whenever you find yourself so tired and helpless, just breathe in and out slowly.

  31. Rosette Adel says:

    Make a to-do list everyday, that’s a surefire way to manage your hectic schedule. I do this considering I have several commitments in life just like you. Work, health, family, friends, boyfriend, me-time duties, name it, making a to-do list will make it easier for you. Not only you’ll be reminded of your responsibilties but you will also get to see yourself accomplish these duties one by one. Even a simple eat lunch can be written in your to-do list for it will also serve as your daily timeline. Like what they said you have the same 24 hours as Beyonce, so what’s stopping you?

  32. Rosette Adel says:

    Make a to-do list everyday, that’s a surefire way to manage your hectic schedule. I do this considering I have several commitments in life just like you. Work, health, family, friends, boyfriend, me-time duties, name it, making a to-do list will make it easier for you. Not only you’ll be reminded of your responsibilties but you will also get to see yourself accomplish these duties one by one. Even a simple “take a bath” can be written in your to-do list for it will also serve as your daily timeline and remind you to stay clean and fresh to start your day right. Like what they said you have the same 24 hours as Beyonce, so what’s stopping you?

  33. Amorlina Bereso says:

    I am a super busy working mother, to keep track on my duties specially the important ones, I make a To-Do-List on my journal so I wont missed anything. I work daily from 8Am to 6PM and everyday I make sure I do all my responsibilities well at work but once in a while I call in the house to check on my son. Before going to work, I work as a mom, I clean the house quickly, feed my son, prepare his food and everything that he needs to use for the whole day. Then after work, mom mode again. But despite of my busy day, I always make sure I have ‘me’ time to keep myself clean, fresh and protected from germs because I can only do my duties comfortably and confidently if I am clean and fresh. So I never missed a bath before going to work and before sleeping, and of course I use carefree pad to keep that fresh and clean feeling while I am at work and I always make sure I have extras inside my bag to be ready for whatever comes my way. I am proud that #IamCarefree!

  34. Kamila Cinco says:

    Being a freelance graphic artist and a beauty blogger, it’s hard sometimes to juggle my schedule when it comes to my workloads and events. Especially when I have to choose which task should I prioritize more. Despite my busy schedule, I don’t forget to give time to myself as well. I keep myself feeling clean and fresh during summer by bringing my hygiene kit that includes my makeup, toiletries, pantyliners and napkins everywhere whenever I travel! When you know you’re clean and fresh you’ll feel more confident to take on new challenges in life! #IamCarefree

  35. joanna marie moya says:

    Being a team leader, a wife and a mother can be both a blessing and a pain in the ass that’s why I make sure that I keep my errands and do to list on a notebook. I also make sure to put in a little reminder in my cellphone for important events and must do’s. And being full with different work load both in the house and in the office I keep myself clean, fresh and dry by always using a realiable panty liner, feminine wash and cotton underwear. Thanks to crefree even those ‘red’ days I can keep myself freshand super clean all day long.

  36. joanna marie moya says:

    Being a team leader, a wife and a mother can be both a blessing and a pain in the ass that’s why I make sure that I keep my errands and do to list on a notebook. I also make sure to put in a little reminder in my cellphone for important events and must do’s. And being full with different work load both in the house and in the office I keep myself clean, fresh and dry by always using a realiable panty liner, feminine wash and cotton underwear. Thanks to crefree even those ‘red’ days I can keep myself freshand super clean all day long. Thanks carefree #iamcarefree

  37. Anna says:

    Being a busy career woman, I find that I hardly have time for things I enjoy and that work can be too demanding at times. I keep myself fresh looking all over and you-know-wear by making it a point to use and wear personal care products that work for the whole day. For instance, on days that I have my time of the month, I always carry with me extra pads and undies so any small mishap can be easily taken cared of. On days in-between periods, I use a feminine wash and pantiliners that allow my down there to breathe and feel clean and fresh. I find that I have some extra confidence on days that I know my down there is on fleek 🙂 Thanks to products like the ones from carefree, I can conquer the world while they take care of me. Truly, one can be better and push harder when one can say #iamcarefree!

  38. Sophia Cooper says:

    As a student athlete, I am always busy studying and right after school, our training starts. I keep myself fresh and clean by using feminine wash before going to school and feminine wipes when I’m inside the campus but not just that! In the middle of our training, we run, we jump, there’s just a lot of movements so I’m using pantiliners to keep myself clean, fresh and care-free! ?

  39. Jexy Reyes says:

    TBH, being a woman isn’t as easy as 1-2-3, especially in the world’s fast-paced life today. Despite the busy schedule and several responsibilities, you have a lot of maintenance to do in your body. So thankful that there’s such friend which secures me, that despite all these “busy-ness” and physical activities, I am clean and fresh down there. Walang nang hassle! Cause when one feels clean and fresh, one feels more confident and empowered. Thanks to Carefree!!

  40. Despite my demanding schedule, I always make it a point to follow a bathroom habit. I like to clean the toilet seat first with an alcohol. I then do my duty and I use feminine wash after that whenever I can. There are fem washes in travel sizes but water could be a problem outside your home so cleaning wipes could do the trick instead. Oh and before I forgot, have a check up with your gynecologist to get cervical cancer vaccines and to know tips and tricks because it pays to be vigilant when it comes to feminine wellness.

  41. I am a student,journalist and a bread winner of the family,due to my busy schedule and a big Responsiblity, i cant think what to do first,but suddenly i realized i have do a choice to avoid being so panic about what to do first is by managing my time and having a planner or a to-do list so i could plan ahead of time and recently i’ve been doing a morning and night routine so i could really manage my time by the day and week.There is a lot of choices that could help you out but this is only some of what to do.since then,i’ve been so relaxed and i have a lot of time for my family.every sunday,I have my pamper time.With the whole week full of schedule you also need to pamper and relax your body,to give it a looking fresh inside and out.Having a time for your self is really important and also you could bring with you some of your cosmetics or refreshing wipes to avoid oily skin while youre on your way back home or going to work or school.

  42. First off, I am a blogger, a student, an ojt, a part-time worker, a daughter, a sibling, a girlfriend, a friend (wooo!) and I know I have my own obligations and responsibilites that need to be accomplishesd. So I always keep myself fresh and clean despite the hectic schedules by starting everyday right: good eating habits, exercise and of course the very key, proper hygiene! I always make sure that I smell and feel good all the time! I make it a daily routine to have some me-time before I go to school and before I sleep (one hour max at bath time) to make sure I release all the stress of the day and to be more energized to welcome another day with a smile!

  43. Richelle Shaira Beltran says:

    There are times in my life when I just have too much stuff going on. There are always deadlines, exams, due dates and just too many priorities to juggle. And when everything is going wrong, the world is screaming for my attention and I just don’t have time – the last thing I need to hear is to “just take a day off” ? But despite of those things, I keep myself feeling clean and fresh down there everyday by using Carefree pantyliners and Carefree pads during my monthly period. I am so happy and thankful for Carefree because I don’t need to worry about bad odor during those days, it also makes myself feeling clean and fresh always ?

  44. Steffi G. says:

    Even before wet wipes for intimate areas aren’t available yet, Im already a faithful user of wetwipes/babywipes for my girl pal don there;) Since college days; now I’m already in my mid 20s, my daily routine haven’t changed since then. On a day to day basis, my morning routine starts at 8am, fresh undies and pantyliners; mid day; feminine wipes and change pantyliner (Faithful iser of Carefree blue pack) end of day; after taking off makeup amd wash face, my second beauty ritual has to be my intimate and delicate part down there. : )) Fresh and clean, inside and out.


  45. As an engineering student it is impossible to not have a super hectic schedule. So I manage mine by planning ahead of time. I make sure that I have my “to do list” always with me and I start with the most difficult task so I won’t feel pressured and drained on the latter part. Also, for me to able to accomplish everything with a smile I see to it that my mood is set right beforehand — by staying positive and comfortable with what I wear, think and most especially, feel.

  46. GC says:

    As a medical student, I need to minimize distractions as possible. I use my planner to help keep me in track. I have a study space that leaves me alone from the hustle and bustle. I have my smartphone that stores all my files and important study apps. And on my “monthly” days, I need a pad that is sturdy enough to not leak amidst my busy days–Carefree fits that description exactly.

  47. Kat de Leon says:

    As a Social Media Specialist, I may not travel much, but I handle too many projects at work. There are times I needed to bring home work just to get things done before the deadline. So I keep a record of all my work tasks and other activities (non-work related). I set up a calendar on my Google Drive to keep track of all my to-do lists. And of course, even if things are stressful, we should always handle each stressful day with grace and poise… definitely carefree.

  48. Jzel Endozo says:

    Being fresh and clean is my TOP priority. As a law student, were always busy with our acads work, like preparing for our everyday recitations and quizzes, not to mention midterm and final examinations. It’s like squeezing in a little time for yourself would be a sin. But that’s not really how see it. I feel like giving time for myself provides me with more energy to study. How do I do it? I always keep a planner where I make a to-do list, and save my Sundays for rest and relaxation. It’s the only time I can pamper myself, and do exercise for my mental and physical health. Also, when studying all day for 6 days a week, it’s hard to focus if you don’t feel fresh and clean, so I see to it that I have my carefree pantyliners with me all the time, along with my hygiene kit.

  49. Àngel Claire says:

    I`m a firm believer that when you feel good about yourself inside and out, you can perform best at what you do and it will come out naturally. That is why despite a very hectic schedule in this fast-paced world, I see to it my “girl pal” down there is fresh, dry and protected like how I take care of my skin`s face and body, genitalia never gets 2nd priority! #CarefreeUser for years! #IamCarefree #FreshAndDry all day long!

  50. Ren Santos says:

    School, work-out, and online business are just a few to what completes my day. I always make sure that every thing I need to do is written in my planner and have it checked a night before to plan my day ahead. Time management is really a requirement to complete every task. But inspite of my hectic schedule I always spare time to give myself a short break to freshen up.

  51. Vero Manlulu says:

    Being a student entrepreneur isn’t an easy task to do! Errands and long makati walks are just one of my everyday activity. To sort all things out I make sure that I have my phone with me to keep track with my sched and to avoid stress and irritation down there of course… Every girl can relate to this I keep my liners in my purse! (Carefree, super affords and budget friendly for students like me!)

    Being organized and staying fresh bu using carefree is a must for an aspiring business woman like me!

  52. Living the upbeat lifestyle of an entrepreneur requires extra work when it comes to keeping myself fresh and clean all the time!

    To perform my best in my busy schedule, I always make sure to dress good because when you dress good, you feel good. And when you feel good, you perform like a champion! And champions work best when they are Carefree!

    Only Carefree can keep up with me. Definitely, I can tell that #IamCarefree!

  53. Rojane Balani says:

    Balancing work + school + other extra curricular activities is tough, but as they say, time management is the key to success. Jotting down my To-Do Lists on my planner helps me get through the day! My secret to keeping myself clean and fresh down there despite my busy schedule (especially on my “Red Days”) is wearing comfy clothes and by regularly using Carefree products that help cleanse, removes and freshen the area down there! Carefree liners/napkins are my SUPERHEROES during my “Red Days” coz they rescue (save) me from leaks and bad odors! No more stress only happiness coz #IAmCarefree!

  54. Jaedence Castro says:

    I always make it a habit to include a spa day in my calendar to get myself pampered. I usually do it in the middle of the week, in the midst of my hectic work and home duties to maintain a perfect balance. Oh, and since I am your ‘always on the go’ kind of girl, I make sure to use Carefree to keep myself fresh and feeling confident!

  55. Hillary says:

    I manage too stay clean and fresh by always having carefree pads anxd wipes handy at my bag. As a busy medical student I shave to make sure that I am ready to those unforeseen event! Hassle free and stress free days ahead!

  56. Gailaaaaaaa says:

    As a career woman and a mom I cannot stress much on how busy my weekdays go by. Definitely famîly is my utmost priority but that doesn’t mean I care less about myself in general and a helping hand in the household could make my life a bit easier just like what Carefree can do to help me stay fresh, dry and clean all day long. It’s all about balance and prioritizing what needs to be done first and always have a schedule may it be on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Needless to say, #IAmCarefree and so can you!

  57. Rhen Estillero says:

    I keep myself feeling clean and fresh down there despite my busy schedule by making sure to wash and dry the area every after bathroom use. I also make sure to wear and change panty liners regularly. I always bring with me extra pads, panty liners, panties and a small bottle of feminine wash. For maintenance, I shave or trim the hairs every now and then. Despite the busy schedule, it is important for me to always find time for my personal hygiene. A clean and fresh body can lead to a more confident you! #IAmCarefree

  58. Anna Daet says:

    I keep my self feeling clean and fresh despite my on the go lifestyle by making sure to bring with me the essentials I need for hygiene. I make sure to wear and change panty liners regularly. Of course, taking a bath everyday + wearing proper clothes and using the right panty liners can always make me feel confident. I can definitely say that #IamCarefree.

  59. Faye Amil says:

    I always keep myself clean and fresh all the time by changing my panty shields regularly. It gives me more confidence to do my day to day activities. #IAmCarefree

  60. Carmelli Ferrer says:

    Going from one meeting to another in a day is really challenging. This is why I always write my schedule so that I won’t overlook them. I always bring my planner, cellphone, ball pen, perfume, and beauty kit wherever I go. Just because I have lots of things to doesn’t mean I will forget to take care of myself. Because I meet different kinds of people, I make sure that I look good and feel good. Knowing that I feel fresh and clean down there gives additional boost in my confidence. #IamCarefree

  61. Mel Tan says:

    Looking and feeling great outside is one thing. Feeling clean and fresh down there is another. This is why aside from my make up kit, I always have my pantyliners in my bag. This is why even if I have a super long day, I don’t worry because I know that I don’t need to worry. I must say, most of beautiful girls are carefree.

  62. As a busy woman, I tend to manage my busy schedule by organizing and making a to-do list so i won’t miss anything and to make me feel fresh i use carefree everyday. #IamCarefree

  63. Alyzza Dawn says:

    It’s been 5 years now since I started operating my trucking company. I work full time, my business leave me absolutely no time for a social life. My life seems routinely endless,until i switch up the routine. And with this new me, I ended 2015 with the promise to live differently. I made a decision to wake up each day, wholly, by connecting to who I am, to nurture myself from the inside out. I started my routine of extensive overseas travel. I started acknowledging my accomplishments and mini-successes and celebrated with small rewards instead of rushing to the next best thing. I listen to my body, I enrolled myself to the gym, I’m trying to watch my weight by eating low-calorie meals, I’m practicing mindful eating and juice fasting once in a while, I consider joining a running marathons and on most nights I even slept for a minimum of six hours. Showering twice a day and I never leave home without an ample supply of panty liners to keep myself feeling clean and fresh down there. Weekly date with my hubby, girls night outs. I now take good care of my self on the outside and emotionally.

  64. Angelica Monique Lugtu says:

    Keeping yourself feeling clean and fresh down there despite my busy schedule is indeed a very tough job. But actually it is the other way around for me. I feel uncomfortable and can’t work properly whenever I feel unprotected down there. I always want a cleaner, fresher and drier feeling whenever I am working. Pantiliners is my partner in acting as my backup protection in absorbing wetness from normal discharge and perspiration. Plus the fact that you can trust it from unexpected mentrual cycle. That is why I am using pantyliners everyday plus making sure that I regularly change it whenever I feel that I have to already. I always make sure to wash the area every bathroom use and regularly use feminine wash or wipes along with it. It is very important for me to always find time for my personal hygiene since I don’t like the awful feeling down there. Carefree has always been a necessity for me so it never leaves my bag. It is already trusted by me, my friends and family members. In fact I can say that it is a secret that has been passed from one generation to another already.I can feel that I can do anything and everything with Carefree!
    C- Clean (Makes you feel clean down there all day)
    A- Absorbent (Makes you feel drier absorbing all possible wetness)
    R- Reassuring (Will never let you thing twice about protection)
    E- Effective (Proven effective and well-known in doing its job for women)
    F-Fresh (No doubt you’ll feel fresh all the time)
    R-Reliable (Will never fail you in keeping you well-protected and hygienic)
    E-Energizing (You’ll feel that you can do anything since you never have to worry)
    E-Essential (You can’t definitely leave without wearing it or you’ll have a bad day)

    So yes #IAmCarefree!

  65. I love to keep myself busy and I don’t think there’s no way I could ever escape the cage of stress. With my work, overtime and late night pack-ups are the usual so I find it hard to keep up with my family and friends because literally, I have a little time to spare outside work. Stress is always there. Like change, it is inevitable. So what I do is to keep myself fresh while I am stressed. And when unfavorable things happen, I just focus on the good sides to keep optimism alive and as much as possible, I want to surround myself with good people and anything that gives good vibes to keep me inspired and motivated. Balance is the key. I also keep myself on track by having good time management skills. In that way, I can stay fresh while I am stressed, therefore, #IamCarefree!

  66. Kim Palanca says:

    Though I’m a work-at-home freelance editor, it doesn’t mean that I have less to worry about in a day than most women. I also maintain the house and cook what I eat. I do a lot of sitting in front of the laptop, though, so I almost have no time to fix myself up. To keep me fresh down there without interrupting my long work hours, I use Carefree Healthy Fresh to make me feel fresh for up to 8 hours. It smells good too, I tell you. Aside from being properly hydrated, I also drink a lot so I could pee more times in a day. That way, I could check on my undies and liner more often and decide whether to change or not. And even if I work at home, I bathe in the morning, not in the middle of the day, and I also take a shower an hour after I rest my eyes so I would be fresh before I sleep at night, including down there.

  67. I truly believe that people aren’t always “busy”, we just have different sets of priorities. So when it comes to “Health & Hygiene”, we should really make it a PRIORITY.

    Make it a point to put the same number of minutes (or the same amount of effort) when you fix your hair and eyebrows to doing little hygenic practices to feel extra fresh and cool for the rest of the day’s hustle.

    Good thing, it won’t be as time consuming as we thought it would be because Carefree and it’s products got us covered! Be empowered, #IamCarefree!

    Good thing, Carefree is made available to us!

  68. ✨✨✨
    I truly believe that people aren’t always “busy”, we just have different sets of priorities. So when it comes to “Health & Hygiene”, we should really make it a PRIORITY.

    Make it a point to put the same number of minutes (or the same amount of effort) when you fix your hair and eyebrows to doing little hygenic practices to feel extra fresh and cool for the rest of the day’s hustle.

    Good thing, it won’t be as time consuming as we thought it would be because Carefree and it’s products got us covered! Be empowered, #IamCarefree!

  69. Thelma Romo says:

    Even if i’m so occupied taking care of my 2 kids & my husband, as a stay at home mom i really make sure that i still find time for my self. I take 25 minutes of “me time” inside the shower, if needed, i trim excess hair, and clean it with mild soap and water. I feel that fresh, clean & #IamCarefree everyday! ?

  70. Sab Segui says:

    I am an incoming freshmen to one of the Big 4 Universities in our country. In a few months, I would be living away from my hometown. Homesick will always be present, that’s for sure. I would meet several people as I start a new chapter in my life therefore, I need to maintain good hygiene.

    I manage to keep down mine clean by giving myself a good bath before I start and end my day and wear Carefree liners. I always bring Carefree Healthy Fresh to make myself feel fresh and confident for hours. Whenever I go to school, I bring feminine wipes with me because not all bathrooms have bidets.

    With our country’s dehydrating weather, I never fail to drink lots of water so that I am properly hydrated.

  71. joyce says:

    Busy schedule is just a common term for us girls nowadays as we engage ourselves into activities that will boost ourselves. But still it is a difficult one to handle if we don’t know which one to prioritize. And above all these, the first things first is to take care of ourselves in all aspects and everything will follow, one is taking good care of our intimate area. So I make sure to pay attention to it, every time, I should know my body’s calling. I start by using feminine wash, I do wash it regularly. For me I like the carefree sensitive, not only does it keeps my part clean but it gives me the freshness throughout the day. If during my normal days, I make it point to put on pantyliner. It may be small but it is perfect for girls like me. I don’t have to worry of being paranoid of the smell as it has 8 hour of odor protection and a satisfaction of comfort,a high five to carefree for that. Addition to this I change it every 4 hours if time permits me to prevent infection together with using a cotton underwear. By these I can be assured to feel confident amidst my busy schedule.

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