#IAmCarefree: Life Hacks For Staying Fresh and Clean

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Girls with a purpose usually have a lot on their plate, which means it’s even more important to stay fresh and clean, ready for anything. We shouldn’t be overcome by our stress; we should find solutions. So recently, we asked our readers: how do you stay totally fresh and clean all day despite your busy schedule? We’ve rounded up the 10 best answers to help you stay fresh, clean, and on track with your life goals!

Work-life balance is too precious for me and I have no intent of wasting it… And part of my beauty regime as a woman is keeping myself clean down there by using Carefree pantyliners, a brand I’ve always been loyal to. Keeping it fresh and clean is always the key on being radiant inside and out.” – Krissa Manuel

“…To keep track of everything, I make sure I have my planner with me so I wouldn’t forget important things especially keeping fresh and clean…It is better to be ready every single day!” – Molly Monasterio

“I keep myself feeling clean and fresh down there despite my busy schedule by starting my day with a refreshing and energizing bath…Being a mom to a hyperactive child, doing chores and errands can be so tiring and can make me prone to sweat and foul odors. Good thing I can always rely on Carefree products to help me feel fresh and clean down there and when I feel clean, I feel beautiful so that’s a bonus!” – Jhake O.

“…despite of all the hectic things that is going on in my life right now, I make sure to make it a daily habit of keeping the area “down there” clean and fresh… As a pre-med student we are taught to maintain our body… as we grow old we must be as healthy as possible. Aside from that, being clean “down there” will help boost our confidence… We should bear in mind that keeping our body clean should be our number one priority! No matter how piled up your work is, having a clean body should be at the top of the pyramid… – Mary Joyce Vallejos Salvador

Being fresh and clean is my TOP priority…When studying all day for 6 days a week, it’s hard to focus if you don’t feel fresh and clean, so I see to it that I have my Carefree pantyliners with me all the time, along with my hygiene kit.” – Jzel Endozo

“I`m a firm believer that when you feel good about yourself inside and out, you can perform best at what you do and it will come out naturally. That is why despite a very hectic schedule in this fast-paced world, I see to it my “girl pal” down there is fresh, dry and protected like how I take care of my skin`s face and body, genitalia never gets 2nd priority! #CarefreeUser for years! #IamCarefree #FreshAndDry all day long!” – Angel Claire

“It’s been 5 years now since I started operating my trucking company… I made a decision to wake up each day, wholly, by connecting to who I am, to nurture myself from the inside out… I started acknowledging my accomplishments and mini-successes and celebrated with small rewards… I never leave home without an ample supply of panty liners to keep myself feeling clean and fresh down there…” – Alyzza Dawn

“…I always want a cleaner, fresher and drier feeling whenever I am working… It is very important for me to always find time for my personal hygiene since I don’t like the awful feeling down there. Carefree has always been a necessity for me so it never leaves my bag. It is already trusted by me, my friends and family members… I feel that I can do anything and everything with Carefree!” – Angelica Lugtu

“I am an incoming freshmen to one of the Big 4 Universities in our country…I would meet several people as I start a new chapter in my life therefore, I need to maintain good hygiene. I manage to keep clean by giving myself a good bath before I start and end my day and wear Carefree liners. I always bring Carefree Healthy Fresh to make myself feel fresh and confident for hours…” – Sab Segui

“I truly believe that people aren’t always “busy”, we just have different sets of priorities. So when it comes to “Health & Hygiene”, we should really make it a PRIORITY. Make it a point to put the same number of minutes (or the same amount of effort) when you fix your hair and eyebrows to doing little hygenic practices to feel extra fresh and cool… Good thing, it won’t be as time consuming as we thought it would be because Carefree and it’s products got us covered! Be empowered, #IamCarefree!” – Kaila Aniqa Canlas

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These girls are definitely on the right track to staying fresh and clean, despite their busy schedules! We’re sending them all limited edition Carefree packages, filled with goodies that will keep them fresh, clean, and ready for anything. Congrats!


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