I am Meg Season 2: Tammy de Roca

1:00 pm
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Tammy de Roca, 18

Artsy Fartsy


A (self-described) loner no more, this sensitive artist is ready to take her rightful place in the spotlight.


What side of yourself do you want viewers to see?

I hope they get the artsy, awkward vibe – that’s my natural personality. Being unique is better than being normal. When you’re different, people remember you.


How do you hope people remember you?

I hope they remember me as the girl who stepped out of her boundaries. This whole thing isn’t really my thing, I’m more the girl who stays behind the production, not necessarily in the spotlight.


So what made you decide to join?

I don’t know! It was all sort of unexpected, I never expected to be in the Top 16. I saw the ad on Facebook, and I recognized the girl because I watched bits and pieces of Season 1. I opened the application and wow it was sort of easy! So I filled it out and when they texted that I made it to the go-sees I was like, wow, okay! (laughs)


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