I am Meg Season 2: Anj Martin

1:00 pm
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Anj Martin, 23

Edgy Explorer


Despite spending as much time in the air as on land, Anj is as grounded— and as fierce—as they come.


How do you manage time?

I think it really is about time management and what you really want to do. I think that pushes me to do this and my work at the same time. For example, I had a really long flight this morning but I managed to get here for the interview.


How do you want people to remember you after the show?
Remember me as someone who is fierce yet likable. Not everyone who is fierce is likable. I want them to see that I’m strong, that I can handle my own business, but I’m not intimidating.
Any travel tips for readers?
Traveling is easier than it looks! People think they have to plan this, book that, but traveling is more fun when you go backpacking. Just bring the essentials for wherever you are going.


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