15 Ways To Survive Manila’s Scorching Heat

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Living in a tropical country is a love-hate relationship for us Filipinos. We love it because it’s the perfect weather for our weekend getaways but we hate it because it’s so freaking hot! Especially now that our environment’s getting worse (climate change is real, guys).


But don’t you worry, we’ve got tips for you! It won’t make the weather cooler but it will temporarily cool off your head and body. Check it out in the list below.


Obviously, wear sunscreen. The heat, in addition to the harsh rays of the sun will make your skin age faster. Sunscreen will slow down that process, reduce the risk of skin cancer, and help maintain your “normal” color.

Stay away from wearing dark colors. We know it’s slimming and effortless but it absorbs heat making the 29 degree-weather feel like 35 degrees. You’ll be sweating all over and you don’t want that to ruin your outfit.


Say goodbye to tight-fitting clothes because they make you feel stickier thus less comfortable. Opt for super comfortable clothing like dresses, loose shirts, and culottes (as long as it’s appropriate for the place/event you’re going to).  Same goes with your shoes. As much as possible wear something on your feet that will let it breathe without sacrificing style. We’re talking about sandals, sneakers made of comfortable fabric, canvas shoes and such.



Maximize protection by wearing sunnies, a hat, or bringing an umbrella with you.


If you must commute, opt for a taxi so you can travel from point a to b with the air-con all for yourself. Or, you can also choose to travel on the lesser hot times (and lesser traffic) such as 6-7 am and 10-11pm.

Avoid crowded places. The last thing you need is sharing body sweat with a stranger.

Take a dip in the pool to cool off, literally.

Have a bottle of water with you. You’ll find yourself dehydrated most of the time so it’s best to always have water with you to keep yourself hydrated and filled-up.

Bring lip balm to nurture your chapped lips.

If you don’t have tissue or handkerchief in your everyday bag, you’re doomed. Big fat droplets of sweat will be all over your face and body after a walk outside. Keep them at bay by wiping them off every so often.

Wash your face. Just make sure your makeup is waterproof if you put on a lot that day. This will automatically make you feel fresh and awake.

Bring a citrus-y scent with you at all times. You smell like the sun after stepping out of the house. Combat that with a spritz of your cologne so you can fake a no-dyahe vibe.

Tie your hair or chop it off. The comfort of not having your hair stick at the back of your neck because of sweat is priceless.

Adapt what our Titas do–bring a pamaypay with you, or something that fits in your purse that can produce more air.

If all else fails, tweet your struggle on Twitter. You’ll find that everyone else is experiencing the same thing. We’re all in this together.

Words by Tin Advincula




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