How To Love Your Workout

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We’re guessing you’ve written “lose weight” or “exercise more”or “have a lifestyle change” in your list of 2016 goals. So we’re assuming you’ve been working out, right? (Hopefully) Keep the sweat coming and the fire burnin’ (on those glutes and hams) with these 5 reasons (aside from wearing cool sportswear gear) to love your workout!


Think of all the benefits

Strong is the new sexy, we’ve seen that numerous times as motivation for working out and it’s entirely true. You don’t want to be that sexy yet unhealthy girl. If you’ve been working out, whether cardio or strength, that is the first thing you’ll notice. You feel lighter, more capable of climbing up and down the stairs without losing your breath, and you feel less tired. That’s one of the many priceless benefits working out gives you. So go do those push-ups, girl!

Get addicted to that post-workout feeling

Working out releases endorphins that make you feel confident AF. These feel-good hormones are what you’re after so don’t just look good in the long run, you always feel good.


Treat it like your stress reliever

Encountered another snarky comment from your boss? You’re crush didn’t go to work? Bummer. Instead of having a BF channel all your negative energy to working out. Jump higher, push harder, and run faster. And poof, your anger is out of your system!


Get a workout buddy


Having a workout buddy that has the same goals as yours will make everything so much better. You realize you’re not just working out for the thrill of it, but also for the friendship–you just can’t let your friend down! Push each other to make time, to eat healthy meals together, and to check your progress.

Love what’s happening to your body


Do not be frustrated with the slow (yet sure) progress of your body. You may not see it, but you feel it. Embrace the change of you suddenly craving for oatmeal instead of a burger, or wanting to jog instead of binge-watching your favorite youtuber’s channel. Embrace the healthy you because that’s the best you’ve got.



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