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Every fashion enthusiast has to start somewhere. For MJ Lastimosa, it all began when she entered her first national pageant. “When I started to join Binibining Pilipinas, I was really a clueless girl. I didn’t know what fits me; what’s good me or not. We don’t know everything that’s good for us, so it’s more important to listen to people who have more experience than us,” she shares. Now a beauty and style inspiration in her own right, the Meg-Veet girl lists down her time-tested tips to rocking any style. (Tip: it has something to do with confidence!)



  • Invest in the basics, like a white tank top, shirt or pair of pants. Sometimes for women, it’s just so hard to pick what we wanna wear. There are moments when we can spend a lot of time dressing up. Sometimes we’re just too lazy to pick what we wear. The basics will save you—especially when you’re in a hurry.
  • Get to know yourself more every day. Try wearing an outfit and take a picture of yourself. Then see if it’s good on you. You would know it yourself when you wear something that really lightens you up. People will compliment you on that, too.
  • Know your body shape and take style inspiration from those with the same as yours. Beyonce is my favorite. I recognize that I’m curvy, so I always check up on the way she dresses up on the daily. I really like how she carries herself off camera and off stage.
  • Be comfortable with your outfit. You can really tell when a woman’s not confident. She becomes conscious of how she shows herself to other people. When you’re confident, you’re comfortable with whatever you wear. You can carry anything in the best way.

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