Courage Unlocked: Liza Soberano Shares What’s Inside Her Travel Kikay Kit

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Adventure is out there!

In this day and age, a generation of go-getters, limit-testers, and adrenaline junkies are born! Courage is unlocked and bucketlists get longer for today’s youth. Even big celebrities like Liza Soberano fill their weekends with road trips to the best the Philippines has to offer. Fresh from Manila’s most sought-out eco-tour in the Masungi Georeserve, a group of fearless Pinays with their idol Liza, conquered different obstacle courses with a brave heart and a loot of Johnsons & Johnsons treasures in their adventure backpack. Geared to make longer strides and climb high distances, the gutsy girl gang took it upon themselves to complete their Courage Unlocked adventure.

Need a checklist for your own travel kikay kit? Look to Liza for what she keeps inside her toolkit as she took on the lush rainforest tucked inside Rizal.

1. Camera

Document your finest moments by keeping a camera with you during your trips! Keep the memory of you braving heights, dark caves, and steep mountain trails by snapping pictures along the journey!

2. Rosary

A fear of heights is common with everyone! If you think walking through a hanging bridge is tough, what more when below the ropes is a sea of jagged rocks in Rizal (heeelp!). Walk through any bridge by leaving it to the man upstairs to give you the push you need! Unlock your courage by clutching on holy beads  to calm your nerves, because we all know you can do it girl!

3. Pepper Spray Mace

When you’re out in the great outdoors, you’ll never know if you’ll be needing a gadget for self-defense. Safety first, chicas! Take notes from Liza who never leaves the house without a can of pepper spray mace for emergencies on a trip.

4. Family Photo

Take your family with you on your road trip (even if it’s in spirit). Liza shares her best and fearless moments with her family, but when they can’t tag along, she keeps a photo of them together tucked inside her bag too!

5. Carefree Pantyliner

Staying fresh down there can also be a worry while being in the great outdoors. Include an adorable (and portable) packet of Carefree pantyliners into your pack and feel comfy and clean during long mountain hikes under the hot sun.

6. Sanitary Napkin

For the ladies who don’t take no for an answer, go get it girl! Hour-long hikes don’t scare Liza Soberano as she sports an invisible shield that helps her make longer strides in rocky climbs. Drop a pack of Modess sanitary packs for surefire security, security, and 24-hour protection from leakage.

7. Water Jug

Keep yourself hydrated while doing climbs, hikes, and treks by keeping a water jug close by. Liza doesn’t leave the house without a tumbler of agua whether if it’s for a trip or just a normal day at work. A brave heart is a healthy heart, so don’t push yourself without the basic essentials like a good thermos of H2O!

Gear up for your trip out of  the busy cityscape by packing on all the necessities that Liza and the Courage Unlocked girls swear by. The fearless females took on the natural wonderland of Rizal easily with the adventure packs they carried with  Modess sanitary pads, Carefree pantyliners, and all the travel essentials they had ready inside!

5 lucky girls unlocked courage with Liza Soberano!

Get inspired to take that first step out of your comfort zone!Watch Liza Soberano and 5 lucky girls conquer greater heights and more at one of the Philippines’ top adventure spots, the Masungi Georeserve! #CourageUnlocked

Posted by Carefree Philippines on Friday, 4 August 2017


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