13 Secrets To Feeling Pretty And Carefree With The Decena, Enciso, Fermin, and Nuguid Sisters

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There is no better partner-in-crime, life coach, fashion consultant, and travel buddy than your sister. When you’ve been sharing rooms, bunk beds, and clothes (sometimes without permission), you no longer need to look high and low for someone to confide in, as your go-to girl automatically becomes your super sibling! Not convinced? Just ask girl bosses Dana and Cristina, Vern and Verniece, Debbie and Demmie, and Aggy and Nina who are winning (and twinning) at life with a pretty carefree mindset!

Curious to find out more about these power sisters? Click the names below and find out the dishy secrets that go on in their sisterhood.






Known for their color-coordinated pink and blue Instagram feeds, Cristina and Dana Decena light up the Internet with their effortlessly cute and comedic Youtube channel: Partners In Vogue.

Secret #1: Dana’s beauty blog was sparked by a breakup. She found solace through doing makeup tutorials in boosting her self-esteem and helping other girls feel beautiful too.

Secret #2: Cristina trusts in micellar water for removing makeup while cleansing your skin as well.

Secret #3: Cristina and Dana keep close watch on each other’s outfits especially during events. For wardrobe malfunctions or surprise stains, these sisters come prepared with safety pins and extra pantyliners for unforeseen girl emergencies. Build a girlboss-worthy beauty bag with a pack of Carefree in the mix.

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Sisters, fashion consultants, and globetrotters, the Enciso sisters are the epitome of girl bosses who are bound to rule the world while keeping their twinning game on point!

Secret #1: Behind Verniece’s perfect OOTD shot is a gallery of 500 takes, camera equipment idly in the sidelines, and shoe options at the ready.
Secret #2: Complete in Vern’s hand-carry is a grooming kit perfect for long-hour flights abroad. Vern is everything but a nervous traveller with a pack of Carefree and an easygoing frame of mind.

Secret #3: Travel blogging is a tag-team effort for Vern and Verniece especially when they are shooting their photos. Color scheming, location scouting, and tripod handling are a few of their responsibilities before getting the viral-worthy photos that marks the work of the Enciso sisters.

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It’s a doctor twin thing with Demmie and Debbie Fermin who brand themselves as “always doctors and sometimes bloggers”. Beauty and brains meet with this dynamic duo as they save lives and look good doing it.

Secret #1: Demmie’s love for children sparked her interest in specializing with pediatrics.

Secret #2: How does Debbie work the ivory uniform without fair? 36 hour duties don’t faze the hot doctor as she comes prepared with extra pantyliners for all-day freshness.

Secret #3: The Fermin twins love studying together. They burn the midnight oil by constantly drilling, quizzing, and challenging each other to be the best versions of themselves. Once stress kicks in, tears are shed but they come out stronger as both doctors and sisters.

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Aggy and Nina Nuguid are living examples that opposites really do attract! While they differ in interests, Nina with politics and Aggy with fashion design, these girls prove that two really is better than one as they join forces in representing the Nuguid name.

Secret #1: What’s Nina’s secret to her to-die-for photos? Her favorite filter in her favorite app: N1 in VSCO.
Secret #2: Aggy is the responsible girl scout who always carries the essentials for Nina and herself. From pantyliners, tissue, lip balm, or medicine, you name it and Aggy has it. The lady-boss also reminds her little sister to pack the essentials too in Nina’s very own kikay kit.

Secret #3: Nina and Aggy’s secret to their #feedgoals Instagram page is finally here! The two have multiple dummy accounts on Instagram for checking the consistency, overall feel, and style of their feed.

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What’s the ultimate secret for these 8 lovely ladies? Feeling pretty and carefree in the most intimate areas of course! Confidence has always been easy (an a no-brainer) with Carefree Breathable pantyliners close by. For girls like the Decena, Enciso, Fermin, and Nuguid sisters, the icky and uncomfy feeling down there is never an option, especially with Carefree Breathable pantyliners to keep their sisters dainty fresh and peachy keen. Include the best feminine hygiene habits to your daily routine and choose Carefree every single time! Spread the sisterly love and feel #PrettyAndCarefree.

Text Louise Sicat. Photography Floyd Jhocson of Studio 100. Art Mina Aglipay.  Models Cristina and Dana Decena, Vern and Verniece Enciso, Debbie and Demmie Fermin, Aggy and Nina Nuguid. Hair and Makeup Emman Sevillana, Hazel Alonsabe of Famous Salon. Special thanks to UCC Coffee Shops and CoCo Ichibanya.

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