Brush Up on Makeup Brushes

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For every task, you need the right tools for the job; this is not different with makeup. Of course, lots of makeup comes with their own applicators, but some of those are really not of the best quality (like foam eyeshadow applicators). You can also use your fingers for some makeup styles and products, but for the best results, you’ll need brushes.

Now, there are lots and lots of makeup brushes to choose from, and good quality ones can be pretty expensive. We’ve tried to round up some of the basics you’ll need for everyday makeup; of course, if you’re planning to be a makeup artist, you’ll need much more.


1. Powder Brush

This brush is usually the biggest brush you have, and it’s main purpose is to help you apply powder evenly, making your face less shiny without leaving weird patches. You can use this brush for powdered foundation, as well as loose powders.

2. Blush Brush

This brush has a similar shape as the powder brush, but is softer and less fluffy.  Its smaller shape helps to apply blush precisely on your cheeks, and help you layer the intensity of the color.

3. Eyeshadow Brush

Eyeshadow brushes are easier to use and have better results than the small foam applicators that sometimes come with your eyeshadows. The longer handle, flatter shape and stiffer bristles helps you control the placement of pigments better.

4. Lip Brush

Lip brushes are small and stiff bristled. While it’s perfectly okay to apply lipstick directly from the tube or with your finger, lip brushes help you put on lipcolor in precise lines. It also helps make the color last longer. You can also use lip brushes to make it easier to put on lipsticks that have worn down from use.

5. Brow Brush

Brow brushes help you apply eyebrow powder for a softer and more natural look than pencils can give. The short, stiff bristles are angled in such a way as to make it easier to apply powder in short strokes on your eyebrows, so that you can fill your brows in better. The bristles also smooth down unruly hairs.

6. Eyeliner Brush

Eyeliner brushes are a definite must if you’re trying for a high-intensity line that will last. Eyeliner brushes are meant to be used with gel eyeliner, and the super short bristles and fine tip give you a lot of control for drawing the line.


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