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We dedicate today’s post to the beauty obsession that has shaped generations—the brows. Obsessed or not, let these mini tutorials help you up your brow game.


If you want a perfectly arched brow, brush it with a spooley then fill it using an angled brush

just like so.        

Or if you have sparse brows, try an arch-defining treatment to achieve that coveted, face-framing shape


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It’s like magic.


From bushy to fine, in just 15 seconds

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It’s soooo satisfying!         

And how about from no-brows to wow brows?


Hello, gorgeous!

 Grooming 101 for the OC beauty gal at heart

Risky but, worth it!

Yaaaas girl, work on that arch!


Hotline Bling by Drake is stuck in my head ? A video posted by Eyebrow Videos (@eyebrowvideos) on

Outline with concealer for extra slayage.

 When that time arrives that you need to visit the brow salon again…


…and you feel like Beyoncé

And you’re willing to try X amount of products just to keep the sisters perfect


Pencil, powder, spooley, concealer, powder

Practice makes perfect!


You know what they say, all’s well that ends well.



By Mich Sancianco and Tin Advincula

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