8 Games That Show off Your Witty Self

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Who says brain-challenging games always have to be chess or scrabble? Many of us don’t like those eyebrow-furrowing games. Good thing there are light-hearted games that test your wits in a way that you’ll crack up! Discover how witty (and crazy) you and your friends can get with these games that’ll make you pause and think, “how on earth did I come up with that?!”:

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Love 2 Hate: A Party Game for Inappropriate People

The game is simple: One player becomes the Judge, then draws one Sentence Starters card and choose which sentence he wants and reads it out loud. For example, the Judge reads out, “I love the way Hippies…” Each other player has five finisher cards on hand, and they will choose which they like to finish the sentence and read out. Some Finisher cards include “are what Sausages are made of,” “Lost the keys to handcuffs,” or “Dribble”. These Finisher cards will be then passed to the Judge to shuffle and read them out randomly. Many inappropriate sentences would rise, but the Judge declares the funniest, most out-of-this-world sentence. The resulting sentence is hilariously weird.

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Say Anything

This award-winning game can reveal to your friends how wild your imagination is. There’s a Judge for each round who firstly draws out a card, then asks questions that  range from “What’s the best movie of all time?” to “What’s the coolest thing to teach a monkey?” All players write their answers to a dry-erase board then present them. The judge secretly picks which response is the best, while other players bet on an answer they think the Judge chose. Throughout the game, you’ll realize the answers you’ve seen are enough to judge your friends’ sanity. You get the point. Just kidding.

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Bad Medicine

You and your friends are owners of huge pharmaceutical companies who compete with each other in formulating the best drug to cure a current disease. Each card has a little bit of a drug name, description, and a side effect. There’ll be a card in the middle, and the disease to cure by the players is from the side effect mentioned in the said card. Each player has seven cards, then selects three for their drug names and two for descriptions. Afterwards, everyone brainstorms their own drug. While one player is pitching, the other players give a card to him and he chooses one card as a side effect to include to his drug, then he justifies with optimism why it’s not as horrible as it sounds. The player with chosen side effect earns a point. After four rounds, the player who collected most points wins!

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Game of Phones

Whether or not the winter is coming, this game needs no thrones or wars, but phones! Every card has different challenge to do with your smartphone. From “Create an emoji masterpiece,” “Send a message to your parents. First reply wins,” to “find the weirdest Google Image result for your name,” phones are no longer a social hindrance to be social and have fun with your friends. The fastest, funniest, and has most points wins.

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This internet-based game will test your “interneting” skills and online encyclopedia knowledge, and you can play it by just tapping to your phone. Roll the dice to get two random topics. For example, “Barack Obama” and “Broadway Theatre”. Now do you best to connect the unrelated topics by scouring the online encyclopedia of your choice and click the links that will finally connect the two. Player who has fewer clicked links wins!

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Slash: Romance Without Boundaries

It’s time to discover the One True Pairing, for this game has 79,800 possible romantic pairings. As the name implies, Slash is a card game where you and your friends are challenged to create the greatest romantic fan fiction story that is not limited to any setting. At the beginning of the game, everyone has their own card which is their favorite character from either pop culture, history, or literature. Someone will be the matchmaker who places one character or card on the table. Each player, hoping their character on hand will be chosen by the matchmaker, will now tell a tale about the relationship they are trying to create with the character on the table. If the matchmaker doesn’t, players can always tell their invented tale to win the favor of the table and outsmart the matchmaker. The game continues until a player earns 20 points worth of characters.

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The Game of Things

“THINGS… you wouldn’t do for a million dollars”, “THINGS…you should not leave open”, or “THINGS… your parents forgot to tell you.” These are just three of this game’s 300 topic cards that warrant comic, witty responses from its players. Every round, all the players have to do is draw a topic card and everyone writes down their funniest possible answers then reads them out loud. Each player will have to guess who said what, and every correct answer will eliminate the correctly-guessed player. The last player remaining (someone whom his friends might never thought to say such hilarious answer!) wins.

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Deck Around

It’s time to contribute to an urban dictionary as this explicit card game demands you to come up with your own definitions for strange slang words–fake or real meanings, as long as it is very convincing! For each round, someone will be the Mod. Mod picks up a card from the deck. Each card has two words, one being upside down. The right side up word will be the word of the round, and will be announced by the Mod. Taking their answer sheets, the players will write down their invented definitions that should convince everyone it is the right definition for the word and turns them to the Mod. The Mod will read out loud all the definitions, including the real one, in random order to let the players vote which of the answers is the legitimate. Those who picked the right definition earns 2 points, and for every player who selects a made-up definition, the author wins a point. The first one to earn 15 points wins the game.


Words by Riz Gonzales

Edited by Tin Advincula


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