Confident in Your Own Skin

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Hot bod or stunning skin? Chelsea explains how beautiful complexion takes you far. Get her skin-enhancing, confidence-boosting tips now
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“I’d rather have clear and beautiful skin on my face than a beautiful body,” Chelsea Robato laughs. “You can always dress up to make your body beautiful.”

Inspired by the women in her family, the radiant model considers skin care a top priority. She shares, “Your skin tells your age or even makes you look older. My grandmother and mother always emphasized skin care. My grandmother looked 70 at 95. They both strongly believe in not staying in the sun too long, moisturizing, and eating lots of fruits.”

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Wanna make your skin as beautiful as Chelsea’s? The model shares her tried-and-tested tips!

Tip 1: Skin Routine

It’s taken me a long time to get used to their routine. I needed it when I started modeling because of all the dirt from makeup, hairspray, and hectic days. I break out especially with some makeup. I learned to follow this routine and not to leave makeup on for a long time. Less makeup is needed when you have good skin!
1) Makeup Remover
2) Facial Wash
3) Toner
4) Mask twice a week
5) Moisturize (I use a stronger night moisturizer to avoid dry skin)

Tip 2: Clean Makeup Brushes

Make sure your brushes are clean to avoid adding extra dirt on the face.

Tip 3: Add fruits to your diet

Not only is it good for the skin, it’s great for digestion as well. Avoid fried food and pork if you have a major acne breakout.

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Blemishes are one thing, but hair is another. “You sometimes don’t notice it, but hair will make your skin look dull and dirty,” the model adds. “It’s a sign of cleanliness and hygiene.” For smoother, hair-free skin, Chelsea turns to Veet. Packed with moisturizers and natural ingredients, Veet offers a wide range of depilatory creams and strips that gently remove hair, so girls can have beautiful, hair-free skin all over.


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