5 Easy Lifestyle Changes for a Healthier You

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We know you’ve been itching to have a lifestyle change (especially now that it’s new year), but we also know that there’s just too much temptation around you– co-workers eating out, social media, and technology. So let’s make a change through small, baby steps. So you can feel the change you’ve always wanted without sacrificing too much all in one go!

Here 5 easy lifestyle changes you can try for some long-term results!

Move as much as possible

Walk from your house to your village’s gate instead of taking the trike, take the stairs instead of riding the escalator or elevator, dance while singing to your favorite tunes at Karaoke night. The limit doesn’t exist when it comes to moving more and more everyday. You might even get addicted to it!

Eat like a kid

Remember back when you were a kid your mom always fed you the healthy stuff–vegetables, fruits, milk, and no junk food? Well, why not go back to that menu by eating twice as much vegetables, fruits, whole grains and by not eating junk food on weekdays. If that’s too easy for you then amp it up with this challenge: stay away from alcohol on weekends!

Make room for liquids


Drink water when you wake up, before you eat your meal, after you eat, before you sleep, when you’re bored, etc. Also make room for tea every night for a mini detox and calming drink for a good night’s rest. You’ll realize your body changing and eventually, your lifestyle evolving with your new-found love with cleansing.

Lessen social media usage

You might be in front of your laptop, tablet, and mobile phone too often that you end up spending your whole day sitting or lying down just looking at other people’s lives. Why not unplug and actually do something? You’ll realize later on how much you’ve missed IRL because you’ve been living in the URL world for so long.

Practice saying “no” to the little things


Saying “no” isn’t a bad thing. It’s a sign that you know what you want, when you want it. It also suggests that you can stand-up for yourself and you know to control yourself from certain things. Like, say “no” to chocolate, just because. Or say “no” to that party invite because you want to read and have tea. “No” is a powerful word and you can surely make use of it to exercise your right and have peace of mind.



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