30 Under 30: Lynn Pinugu on Reaching Your Full Potential

11:54 am

Lynn Pinugu’s Twitter account is a refreshing break from a world of celebrity retweets and hashtag abuse. Tweeting from the heartbeat of Filipino social change, she shares news on tech start up grants, donations and drives for various programs, and reminds us that we can be a catalyst for change.

She would be a person who knows about catalysts. Her organization, Mano Amiga Pilipinas, provides education and tools to Filipinos “that would empower each family to transform their lives and break out from poverty.” While many people speak of change, Lynn actively works to make it happen.

To her, successful outreach programs can be measured with a similar satisfaction derived from a newly cleaned room. “We should leave everything better than how we first found it. Focus on the small details and perfect those first,” she advises.

Most importantly, with Mano Amiga, Lynn has taught children how to dream again. “I see how these kids have leadership potential. One boy couldn’t look me in the eye before, but now he wants to be an astronaut. They want to be doctors, lawyers… I’m not sure what my role will be but I will devote myself to improving the state of education in the Philippines.”

Have you realized our own potential? Why not help someone else realize their own?

Read Lynn Pinugu’s story and how she overcame challenges with starting Mano Amiga in this month’s issue of Meg!

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