10 Different Planners for Each Member of Your Barkada

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First day of work week has arrived which means–you’re back to the grind. This is it, people. The first day to make all our #2016 goals come true. And what better way to do that than with your barkada?

Here’s a planner for each person in your barkada so you can list down your to-do lists, career goals, and travel destinations together!

Fashion Maven

megstreetwear-2016 planner-kate spade

(Planners from Kate Spade)

She walks into the room with both her brows and heels on point. You ask her for fashion advice and how to solve your clothing dilemmas. The best planner for her is none other than one from Kate Spade New York–so she can live and breathe fashion to the fullest.

Busy Bee

megstreetwear-2016 planner-jacinto lirio

(Planners from Jacinto and Lirio)

This person is always on-the-go and booking a trip or a reunion with her requires actual “booking”– as in telling her way in advance that you need her to be at this place on this date and time. Wasted time for her is a big no-no so she deserves nothing but the handiest and easiest-to-use scheduler to keep her peace. Also, this doubles up as a wallet!

Hardcore Creative

megstreetwear-2016 planner-woman create

(Planner from Woman Create)

For your super artsy girl friend–the planner from Woman Create is her best bet. Filled with page after page of creations, illustrations, and written works alike, she’ll definitely be motivated to work her artsy arse off for that masterpiece.

Modern-day Traveller

megstreetwear-2016 planner-navi

(Planner from Viviamo Inc. )

Keep the wanderlust alive with the Navi Planner. This one is packed with beautiful photos and facts on various travel destinations. It also keeps your travel plans in check with a monthly view of your future trips!

Passion Seeker

megstreetwear-2016 planner-passion planner

(Planner from Passion Planner)

This barkada member is the one pursuing a lot of things. A self-confessed workaholic and a proud to be a go-getter, the passion planner is the perfect fir for her seemingly chaotic yet passion-filled life!

Up-And-Coming Designer

megstreetwear-2016 planner-dyl

(Planner from cns designs)

Let the designer of the group design her life in this planner! This one’s got a layout that requires a bit of doodling from your designer friend–so she can exercise her free-hand sketches. Plus, the project tracker will help her meet deadlines in an artsy and organized manner.

Witty Friend

megstreetwear-2016 planner-witty

(Planner from Witty Will Save The World)

The girl friend who always makes you laugh with her witty jokes and (sometimes) sarcastic side comments deserves a planner that is exactly like her. Filled with comic book-like drawings and funny content, this planner will definitely rock her socks off.

Uber Organized

megstreetwear-2016 planner-bliss

(Planner from Project Bliss)

For that “OC” friend who has mastered “adulting”, a no-fuss planner like this will keep her priorities in-check. This one comes in fun colors with compartments and for her papers and go-to pen. Indeed, to be organized is bliss!

The Hugotera

megstreetwear-2016 planner-moonleaf

(Planner from Moonleaf Tea Shop)

For your girl friend who has dozens of hugots up her sleeve, here’s a great source of “hugots” from pop culture itself. This planner is equipped with quotes, thoughtful illustrations, and a simple yet effective agenda layout.

The Memory Keeper

megstreetwear-2016 planner-the daykeeper

(Planner fromThe Daykeeper)

For your barkada-mate who’s great at remembering your birthdays, trips, and milestones–what she needs is a Daykeeper. Fit for someone who really loves taking pictures and notes of worthwhile moments. She can now enjoy her mini scrapbook and inspos in one planner!

Now, which barkada member are you?


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